Friday, October 23, 2009

Six weeks now, kids are slowly settling and life is falling into a predictable routine: Drop kids at school, go to Gym, work a little on pending articles and back to pick up kids from school... Between homework and back to back Grey's Anatomy series, I have little time to think...Let alone reflect.
It takes a few seconds only for the first thought to pop up though. What's next for me? 
And though I have little time to dwell on it, I carry my precious single thought along everywhere I go: in the morning on the way to school, to the Gym, all the way till I turn the last light off and brace myself for yet, another day in Suburban New York. 


  1. I wonder how White Plains compares to the last city you were in and if there are any UN spouse groups (primarily women I presume)here in NY.

  2. you's be surprised at the large pool of men who willingly follow their wives around. I met a couple of them in Jordan at a dinner aprty, and they also cooked up a dish for the event.