Saturday, March 13, 2010

Citizen of the world

They say home is where your family is. I say home is where I was before I came here. It was the Cairo I left behind when I moved to Jakarta. It was New York City when I moved to Amman. And ironically, it’s Amman, ever since I moved back to New York.
They say home is where your heart is. I say home is where I left a piece of my heart behind. It’s where I said good bye to real friendships and great adventures. Home is where I created memories and saved them in scrapbooks and photo albums.
They say home is where you come from and “don’t you ever forget about your roots”. I say that after 11 years of roaming around the world, I’ve spread my seeds in many fertile lands and by now, I have deep roots that have sprouted into beautiful flowers in every city I lived in.
Today I don’t feel homeless. Today I embrace the whole world as my home. Sounds too poetic. Right?? Maybe a little cheesy!!! But that’s living a Roamer’s life. At times you feel lost and lonely and on a day like today, having spent a great evening among good and sincere friends, I feel good about the world.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


  1. This is great ya Lou.... you should consider poetry as a career option.... of all the days that you chose to feel good about the world and to write this piece, and you take one quick look outside and what you see are signs of destruction left behind by the storm raging through NY as you wrote this piece. Trees fallen everywhere, damaged homes and cars, wind racing at neck breaking speeds, no electricity for miles, people stranded, and yet you still found it in you to see the sun shine through it all.

  2. isn't it funny that when the sun shines dow on me, I'm at my gloomiest. Now that it's dark and awful outside, I can somehow see the light?????