Saturday, March 20, 2010

Desperate Housewives of Westchester

As a UN Spouse, when are you allowed to announce your status as Desperate Housewife?

Some like the life.
Some were meant to be full-time moms and home-makers. I like it too. But I just can’t fill the emptiness that engulfs my days.
Blame it on my mom. Blame it on my dad. They both taught me that a woman has to earn her independence and never rely on a man’s wallet to feel secure.
Blame it on my husband. He made it clear that he would never marry a “typical Egyptian” because, in his mind, she would be a spoilt, sheltered girl who always relies on the men in her life to take care of her. That’s why he married me, he says.
No pressure there… no pressure at all!
I moved to New York over 7 months ago… I tried online courses. I got busy with GREs and Toefels and school applications. I didn’t get into the single program I applied for. So yes… I’m disappointed. But that’s OK, this too shall pass!
What I worry about is the prospect of another full year of doing…. NOTHING.
Is it healthy to have nothing to talk about other than new dish recipes and child sicknesses?
Is it normal that the only source of real fun is when my new-found friends invite me to their inner circle and go out to lunch?
Is it OK that after so many years of pursuing higher education and building, NO: hand- carving a career despite all the moving around, I’m back to square zero, not even SQ 1??
Maybe it is. I just have to find it in me to accept it.
Or maybe this itching to do more, and achieve more is an infliction that many other roaming spouses suffer from. We just don’t share our thoughts enough.
So I hereby officially announce: I’m the new DHW of Westchester NY.
Let’s see how many will join the club and maybe then… our sheer number will make me feel finally empowered.
Too bad no hunky plumber is moving in my hood anytime soon ;)


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  2. Laila. U're brilliant ya benty!!!! :) Didn't know u wrote a blog. Opened your link today and just couldn't stop reading all the way down to the end! Like Youssef said, I related to a lot of your feelings & thoughts (umm..does that make me a Roamer's wife?! lol) u may want to consider widening the platform as a lot of these issues are shared by Expats in general (who knows..may soon be one again ;)..we're always seeking wat I call the 'Egypt-that-was' (the one ingrained in our memories).

    You write soo well..u have a talent in your ability to synthesize matters down to their very basic free-flowing form (which obviously I lack lol). I look forward to yr future blogs (and to Wello's further enriching inputs on them :)

    Quick last comment: U shouldn't feel under pressure nor empty. Not anymore at least!! U have the ABILITY and chance to do a whole lot with this blog and to touch a lot of lives! So grab onto this rich opportunity!..and that in itself should prove fulfilling and to justify your years of interrupted work and higher education (u wouldn't have been able to write so insightfully or beautifully without all that accumulated experience). Come to think of it, the enriching roaming experience in itself had a big role to play in forming your character as it is now (like Walid eluded to). Every step in your life probably fell in it's exact right place to form the thoughts and style of your Blog writing. Maybe this is your calling who knows..

    Keep at it girl! It definitely won't stop me from plaguing u with my dry humor posts on your comments :) ..but it surely will make my day to read your blogs! (no pressures there lol)